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Soldering, rework system delivers dual-simultaneous use option

Stephen Law   

Production / Materials Contract Manufacturing rework system Soldering

METCAL MX-5200 Soldering & Rework System provides a dual-simultaneous use option, meaning that two hand-pieces can work from one power supply at the same time. Unit enables the two hand-pieces to share 80 watts output power based on demand, adding even more application flexibility and speed. Four different hand-pieces and a comprehensive range of soldering and rework cartridges support product’s simultaneous dual operation. These include the Metcal Advanced Hand-Piece for SMD rework, a Metcal Ultra-Fine Hand-Piece for fine access, a Precision Tweezer capable of removing a range of components from 0201 chips to 28mm SOICs, and a Desoldering Gun for safely removing through-hole components.  http://www.metcal.com

Metcal MX-5200 Soldering & Rework System




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