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Solder pastes deliver soft soldering of aluminium

April 13, 2021  Stephen Law

EMIL OTTO Special solder pastes of Alusol-SN product range are developed for soft soldering and tinning of aluminium and aluminium alloys with pure tin (Sn100) and formulated in such a way, that no separate solder feed is necessary. At a processing temperature of 250°C up to a maximum of 450°C, products produce clean and stable solder joints without further pre- and post-treatment. Product series includes the pastes Alusol-SN and -SN-X. Both pastes must be stirred well before use. The paste is applied with a brush or similar accessory then. In the case of overlapping workpieces, the overlaps should also be slightly coated with the paste. The application condition is achieved by heating in the oven or by hot air, flame, or piston to min. 250 °C.

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