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Solder cup spring-loaded connectors with .090” stroke

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect Contract Manufacturing Engineering Supply Chain Solder cup

MILL-MAX 824-22-0XX-00-005000 single row and 826-22-0XX-00-005000 double row solder cup, spring loaded connectors deliver over 60% more stroke than the existing series. Devices provide a mid-stoke of .045” (1,14 mm) with a maximum stroke of 090” (2,29 mm). The longer stroke helps compensate for tolerance stack-ups in assemblies and provides greater flexibility for unpredictable motion due to shock and vibration. Both 824 & 826 series headers provide the 0947-0-15-20-77-14-11-0 spring pin utilizing firm’s .090” maximum stroke spring. Each pin in the connector provides a mid-stroke force of 60 grams, a solder cup sized to accommodate up to a 22 AWG wire and a current rating of 2 amps continuous use (3 amps maximum).


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