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Software, wireless test tools simplify installation, setup

September 8, 2015  Stephen Law

FLUKE Connect Assets is a cloud-based wireless system of software and test tools that gives maintenance managers a comprehensive view of all critical equipment, including baseline, historical, and current test tool measurement data, current status, and past inspection data – enabling them to set up and sustain a preventive maintenance (PM) or condition-based maintenance (CBM) system easily with minimal investment. Product provides one-step measurement transfer from more than 30 Fluke Connect wireless test tools, eliminating manual recording of measurements so maintenance managers can be more confident that the equipment history is accurate. System analyzes multiple types of predictive data (for example, electrical, vibration, infrared images) all in one program, side by side, in a visual format that enables easy scanning. http://www.flukeconnect.com15SEP287_ROB

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