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Software suite smoothens surfaces, increases CAD-to-CAM integration

Stephen Law   

Electronics Engineering Software CAD/CAM CAD/CAM software software

OPEN MIND TECHNOLOGIES hyperMILL 2019.2 advanced, comprehensive CAD/CAM software suite provides a range of features including high-precision 3D finishing, 5-axis tangent machining, high-performance turning and new CAD-for-CAM technologies. When using the 3D shape Z-level finishing cycle, product provides a ‘high precision surface mode’ option that ensures ultra-smooth surfaces with tolerances in the micron range. This saves time on post-machining finishing processes, especially for mold makers. The ‘Smooth overlap’ function also improves surface finish and is available in many cycles. The transition regions for steep and shallow machining have a small overlap including a slightly lifted cutter, resulting in perfect finishes with imperceptible transitions.


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