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Singlemode laser diodes come with built-in photodiode

USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS HL63391DG and HL63392DG single transverse mode 639nm laser diodes come with built-in photodiode for optical output power monitoring in industrial applications. Combining an output power of 200mW with 12% lower energy consumption, the red laser diodes boost directivity and narrow monochromaticity in addition to its small size, (housed in a 5.6mm package). Devices provide typical optical and electrical characteristics, (Tc=25 degrees C, cw), of 65mA threshold current, 0.8mA monitor current, low operating current of 255mA, low operating voltage 2.8V typ, 8.5 degrees beam divergence parallel to the junction, 14 degrees beam divergence perpendicular to the junction, laser diode reverse voltage of 2V and operating temperature of -10 to +60 degrees C.

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