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Single-chip synchronous buck LDO is spaceflight worthy

January 31, 2020  Stephen Law

RENESAS ISL70005SEH single-chip synchronous buck and low dropout (LDO) regulator is suitable for low-power FPGAs, DDR memory, and other digital loads for spaceflight payload applications. Device reduces size, weight, and power (SWaP) by integrating a synch buck and LDO in one monolithic IC. This gives satellite manufacturers the improved radiation performance, SWaP and BOM required to reduce bill of materials and power supply footprint for their medium Earth orbit (MEO) and geosynchronous Earth orbit (GEO) long duration mission profiles. Device’s flexible LDO can source and sink current and accept input voltages as low as 775mV to reduce unnecessary power dissipation. Its externally adjustable loop compensation on the buck allows users to achieve an optimal balance of stability and output dynamic performance. Product uses a voltage mode control architecture and switches at a resistor adjustable frequency of 100kHz to 1MHz, enabling a smaller filter size. 

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