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Silver-based conductive material designed for printing interconnects

November 14, 2019  Stephen Law

NAMICS XE181 series silver-based conductive material is designed for printing interconnects of low-voltage circuitry on rigid sheet for thermoforming applications or elastic film and textile. Material provides low resistivity, approximately 2 x 10-5Ω-cm, capable for deep draw thermoformed parts or high stretch-ability and bending on flexible substrates. Product series can be stretched to double its length when applied on a highly stretchable substrate such as TPU (thermoplastic urethane while maintaining high conductivity then recover to almost its initial resistance once returned to original size. Material is easily applied to a wide variety of substrates such as urethanes, polyester elastomers, PET, untreated polyolefins and polycarbonates with capability of fine line printing down to 100um line.

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