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Signal integrity simulation software serves hardware engineers

Stephen Law   

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KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES Electrical Performance Scan (EP-Scan) high-speed digital simulation tool supports rapid signal integrity (SI) analysis for hardware engineers and printed circuit board (pcb) designers.  EP-Scan addresses SI analysis bottlenecks by giving hardware designers diagnostic tools to correct designs earlier and meet development schedules. As a stand-alone software product, EP-Scan performs electromagnetic (EM) simulation on signal nets and reports SI metrics such as channel return and insertion loss. In addition, EP-Scan automates performance comparisons between different versions of a design and generates simulation reports that expedite verification prior to building expensive physical prototypes. EP-Scan requires only the layout geometry and substrate stack-up information for the pcb design as inputs. After engineers specify the desired nets for investigation, EP-Scan reports simulation results including the characteristic impedance and delay of traces, return loss, insertion loss, and impedance time-domain reflectometry (TDR). By analyzing common fabrication formats such as ODB++, EP-Scan shows engineers the performance of their design as it would be when fabricated.

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