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Signal conditioner module protects nuclear power plants

October 24, 2020  Stephen Law

ALLIANCE SENSOR GROUP Model S2A DIN-rail mounting LVDT signal conditioner modules are microprocessor-based electronic smart modules used to protect power plants, especially nuclear power utilities, against any potential vulnerabilities to any kind of cyber-attack. These inductive position sensors utilize specialized electronics known as signal conditioners for operation and to produce the required signals for the control system. Module’s features include cybersecurity protection, system diagnostics, high module reliability, and real-time system recalibration capability. Foremost of these features is the fact that there is no physical or electronic connection to the internet. Colour coded plug-in screw terminal blocks facilitate pre-wiring a control system cabinet. Quick and easy pushbutton calibration requires very little technician time during installation. Module’s differential input front end reduces the effects of ground loops and input noise. 

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