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Shielded power inductor lowers resistance, boost saturation current

April 13, 2020  Stephen Law

BOURNS Model SRP0xxx series shielded power inductors includes 11 new low resistance, high saturation current devices. Device has a very low profile (less than 2mm), plus a metal alloy powder core and flat wire construction that delivers a range of benefits including low copper loss, dc resistance and audible core noise as well as high current saturation. This type of shielded construction also produces low magnetic radiation offering good EMI performance and excellent temperature stability. Higher reliability is achieved from the use of external laser welding between wire and terminal, which eliminates potential mechanical stress on the solder joint from the high pressure molding process. The alpha-winding construction used enables a wider inductance range at a given form factor while maintaining a very low-height profile across all of the new series’ inductance values. 

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