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Shield neutralizes harmful effects of EMR

Stephen Law   

Wireless Engineering

AIRES TECHNOLOGIES Black Crystal shield neutralizes the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) generated by everyday use electronic devices, transforming it into much less dangerous wavelengths. Device’s two adjoining circuits are electrically conductive and separated by an insulated layer form the capacitor that generates a protective field and neutralizes harmful effects of EMR.

First, an electromagnetic impulse from an electronic device is registered by the resonator antenna. As soon as the charge has accumulated it is automatically redistributed to the microprocessor. Next, a surface wave is created. Further, the microprocessor’s slitted matrix generates a hologram that is a three-dimensional structure with a regularly alternating maxima and minima of field intensity. Finally, the resulting hologram interacts with external radiation, changes it (via the direct and reverse Fourier transform), harmonizing it with the body’s radiation, thus preventing conflict between external radiation and the radiation from the body’s cells. http://www.airestech.com

Aires Tech black Crystal



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