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Selective soldering tool closes the loop on automated systems

November 19, 2020  Stephen Law

ECD SelectiveRIDER selective soldering measurement pallet closes the loop to deliver a complete line of automated verification technologies for every machine soldering process; wave, reflow and selective. Unit integrates with the SuperM.O.L.E. Gold 2 thermal profiler and firm’s M.A.P. software for a seamless, optimized solution. Product enables thorough validation of the three phases of selective soldering: fluxing, pre-heating and soldering. Each element is precisely measured using a novel pallet design; data logging is achieved with the award-winning SuperM.O.L.E. Gold 2 profiler; and M.A.P. software facilitates data analysis and SPC. The self-contained tool combines precision flux measurement via firm’s miniFluxometer V-gage test coupon, thermal parameter verification and wave metrics including X/Y positioning, Z height, diameter measurements and dwell times. 

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