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Secure wireless MCUs simplify IoT designs

Stephen Law   

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NXP SEMICONDUCTORS RW612 and the K32W148 secure wireless MCUs simplify the development of IoT and industrial IoT solutions. Devices combine advanced edge processing capabilities with integrated security to streamline development, simplify designs and reduce costs for matter-enabled smart home devices. Matter aims to seamlessly enable devices from different brands and ecosystems. With native support for Matter, the multi-protocol enablement provided by the NXP K32W148 and the tri-radio capabilities of the RW612 make it easier for developers to integrate Matter functionality into smart home devices.
RW612 is the industry’s first tri-radio wireless MCU with concurrent, multi-protocol support for Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3 and 802.15.4, capable of supporting Thread or Zigbee.
K32W148 wireless MCU offers multi-protocol enablement across Thread, Bluetooth Low Energy 5.3, and Zigbee for devices such as smart plugs, smart lighting, and low-power smart devices and sensors. It also easily adds Thread and Zigbee support to home routers, hubs and bridges.

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