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Secure, connected MCU enables faster, more secure NFC authentication

Stephen Law   

Electronics Semiconductors authentication NFC semiconductor

NXP PN7642 single-chip secure, connected MCU solution combines a full NFC reader, a customizable Arm Cortex-M33 MCU and a complete security toolbox to help deliver faster and more secure NFC authentication. Device integrates a customizable MCU, an NFC reader and SESIP-Level 2 security to help deliver faster, more secure NFC transactions for physical access solutions, consumables authentication, secure identity verification and other NFC use cases. Product includes a high performance, NFC Forum-Certified NFC reader with 2W output power. The integrated customizable Arm Cortex-M33 MCU includes 180kB flash, 20kB RA and a rich set of controller and host interfaces. The product includes SESIP-Level 2 certification complete security toolbox, crypto accelerators, and secure key storage, all supported by software.

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