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Sealed basic switch is ultra-subminiature

Stephen Law   

Circuit Protection Electronics switch

OMRON D2GW sealed ultra-subminiature basic switch provides the smallest class size in the industry and has a volume ratio that is 62% the size of conventional types. Device measures 8.3mm x 6.5mm x 5.3mm and features a 13.5Vdc rated voltage as well as a 10mA resistive load. Product series’ fixed slit saves space on customer units and provides a slim form, while a bilaterally symmetrical shape contributes to simpler designs. Devices also offer versatile actuator variation, which enables support for various operating bodies (e.g. shapes, materials, and operations). Products feature press-fit terminals that enable solderless contact. Double-sided twin sliding contacts provide quiet operation and improved performance, while eliminating foreign material by a wiping action that reduces the influence of film and removes dust build-up on contacts.

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