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Schottky bridge rectifiers come in low profile BR DFN package

September 25, 2019  Stephen Law

CENTRAL SEMICONDUCTOR CBRDFSH series of Schottky bridge rectifiers are available in 1.0A – 2.0A, 40V – 100V options. Devices are packaged in low profile BR DFN surface mount case and feature highly desirable energy efficiency. The full wave bridge devices utilize individual glass passivated die to reduce leakage and improve performance and reliability. Devices provide forward voltage (VF) as low as 500mV. The BR DFN package is 1.2mm in height, 54% lower than the comparable HD DIP, ensuring that low board profile is maintained. Devices are suitable for applications requiring a space saving and energy efficient Schottky bridge rectifier, including Power over Ethernet (PoE), intelligent lighting and power adapters.

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