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Rugged 5000W ac-dc power supply with 3-phase active PFC-input

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management ac/dc industrial power supply rugged

ABSOPULSE PFH 5K-A3P/XX-3U7 rugged, industrial quality ac-dc power supply with active power factor corrected input utilizes field proven technology to generate the required output power. System is built with six PFH 65 internal modules, which are connected parallel via internal redundancy diodes. The modular construction also provides inherent redundancy; the failure of one internal module only causes a reduction in output power while the system remains operational. The input and output are filtered for low noise. High quality built-in fans provide sufficient airflow for operation within the specified temperature range without de-rating. The fans draw air into the unit, and exhaust at the terminal side of the unit. All heat generating components are installed on aluminum heatsink blocks which are thermally connected to the base plate.

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