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Robotic soldering automates manufacturing process

March 15, 2020  Stephen Law

HAKKO HU-200 Robotic Soldering System is a 4-axis system and has a large working envelope of 400mm x 300mm with the top speed of 800mm/s and boasts a repeatability of 0.01mm. An absolute encoder enables the machine to monitor the location of the soldering iron at all times, ensuring a high level of repeatability. Unit utilizes the power of the Hakko FU-601 Robotic Integration Soldering Module, but integrates the communication of the Hakko FU-500 Feeder Controller directly into the robot. Additionally, product also carries a feature for reading Gerber data. If a Gerber file is available, the file can be read by the unit to locate and program the positions of the solder joints. 

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