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Resin advances adoption of single-mode fiber optics

Stephen Law   

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SABIC ULTEM 3310TD resin is suitable for optical transceiver collimator lenses used in single-mode fiber optic systems. This polyetherimide (PEI) resin delivers a lower coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) than that of standard ULTEM grades. A low CTE is essential to optimize the dimensional stability of the collimator lenses and ensure alignment with single-mode fibers. The new grade provides near-infrared (IR) transmission without degrading signal quality. As a potential replacement for glass, product provides the efficiency of high-volume micro-molding, avoids the need for costly secondary operations, expands design freedom and lowers part weight. Resin has a CTE of ~38 ppm/C, a reduction of 30 percent compared to the CTE of ULTEM 1010 resin, which is widely used in multi-mode optical transceiver lenses. Material’s CTE, while not as low as that of glass, expands the implementation opportunities for thermoplastics in single-mode fiber optics.

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