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Regenerative power supplies reduce cooling

Stephen Law   

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KEYSIGHT TECHNOLOGIES RP7900 Series bidirectional, regenerative dc power supplies provide integrated safety features that protect people and devices under test (DUT). Product’s design enables the energy normally consumed to be returned to the grid cleanly, saving costs associated with energy consumption and cooling. Unit enables customers to deploy high-voltage, high-power solutions that meet the fast paced, high-growth demands of the hybrid-electric/electric vehicle (HEV/EV) market. Product combines a seamless source and load functionality into a compact 3U-high package, shrinking floor space usage, reducing heat dissipation and maintaining uptime. Available in two models: 20kW and up to 2,000V, both delivering two-quadrant, bidirectional sourcing and sinking capability allows for seamless, uninterrupted transitions between sourcing and sinking current without changing the power supply’s output characteristics or introducing any disruptive behaviour.  

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