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Reclocker/redriver devices deliver two-channel solution

Stephen Law   

Electronics Interconnect Semiconductors automotive industrial microchip reclocker redriver single-chip USB

MICROCHIP TECHNOLOGY Automotive EQCO510 and industrial EQCO5X31 reclocker/redriver devices extend USB coverage up to 15 meters for maximum reach and are compatible with the USB 3.2 Generation 1 SuperSpeed protocol. Devices can send high-speed data signals with a rate of 5 Gbps in both directions. The reclocking feature includes a bit-level Clock-Data Recovery (CDR) that is used to restore signal timing and prevent jitter accumulation. The redriving feature restores the levels and shape of the signal being driven into the next segment such as a cable or printed-circuit board (PCB) trace, thus compensating for signal degradation due to cable attenuation. Devices are equipped with EyeOpen cable compensation at the receiver to automatically adjust for frequency dependent losses in the cable and adjusting the signal strength between 0 and 24dB with 1dB steps.

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