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Raspberry Pi dev kit enable voice integration for IoT

September 24, 2021  Stephen Law

KNOWLES AISonic IA8201 Raspberry Pi Development Kit brings voice, audio edge processing and machine learning (ML) listening capabilities to devices and systems in a range of new industries. By leveraging the kit, product designers and engineers from OEM/ODM companies have a single tool to streamline design, development, and testing of technology that pushes the boundaries of voice and audio integration in their respective industries. Kit is built around the AISonic IA8201 Audio Edge Processor OpenDSP, for ultra-low power and high-performance for a plethora of audio processing needs. The audio edge processor combines two Tensilica-based, audio-centric DSP cores; one for high-power compute and AI/ML applications, and the other for very low-power, always-on processing of sensor inputs. The IA8201 has 1MB of RAM on-chip that allows for high bandwidth processing of advanced, always-on contextually aware ML use-cases and memory for multiple algorithms for an optimal user experience.

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