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Protocol analyzer platform serves next-Gen USB4 & Thunderbolt 3 Systems

Stephen Law   

Electronics Test & Measurement Protocol Analyzer Protocol Analyzer

TELEDYNE TECHNOLOGIES Voyager M4x Protocol Analyzer for testing next-generation USB4 and Thunderbolt 3 systems will enable companies to develop high-performance products with the USB4 standard, targeted for release in mid-2019. The convergence of the underlying Thunderbolt and USB protocols in the USB4 specification will increase compatibility among USB Type-C connector-based products, simplifying how people connect their devices. Product’s platform leverages firm’s T.A.P.4 probe technology and analysis software, allowing developers to verify interoperability and compliance for the rapidly expanding USB Type-C market. Designed to be fully backward compatible for testing legacy USB links, unit captures 100% of bus and protocol traffic for USB4 devices and systems. The T.A.P.4 probe technology locks on the signal-under-test without impacting critical link training and speed negotiation handshaking. 



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