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Programmable dc power supplies provide small footprint

August 24, 2021  Stephen Law

ARTESYN Intelligent Laboratory Series (iLS) models iLS600, iLS600-R and iLS1500 programmable dc power supplies provide industry-leading small footprint and high-power density. Units provide programmable capability with best-in-class measurement accuracy, and a patented wireless remote sense feature that significantly reduces noise in a wide range of test and measurement applications. Designed for both benchtop and rackmount applications, the compact, lightweight, programmable units incorporate embedded 12-bit D/A and A/D converters for highly accurate voltage and current measurement. Digital rotary controls enable rapid adjustment and fine-tuning of the output voltage and current while front (iLS600) and rear (iLS600-R and iLS1500) ports offer convenient control remotely via USB, Ethernet and analog control inputs. The wireless remote sense feature regulates the dc voltage at the load without added sense wires to greatly reduce noise.

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