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Programmable dc loads deliver input range up to 150V/30A

SIGLENT TECHNOLOGIES SDL1000X and SDL1000X-E series of programmable electronic dc loads are suitable for battery, solar cell and power supply testing. The SDL1020X/X-E models deliver an input range of 150 V/30A with 200W total power dissipation, while the SDL1030X/X-E units have an input range of 150V/30A up-to 300W. The X type provide a measurement resolution of 0.1mV/0.1mA, whereas the economical X-E type offers 1mV/1mA. A 4-wire sense compensation mode is also implemented to remove any potential error due to a voltage drop in the connection wires. These DC loads support all the common modes of operation: CC, CV, CR and CP.

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