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Pressure sensors come as bulk micro-machined, absolute, sealed

May 21, 2020  Stephen Law

SSI TECHNOLOGIES MediaSensor P51 Series pressure sensor family is made in the USA and includes bulk micro-machined, absolute, sealed and gauge pressure sensors. Compact, robust devices provide accuracy over an operating temperature of -40 to 105 Celsius, and measure pressures from 3 to 75,000 psi. Devices have strong immunity to EMI and other sources of noise that can affect electronic devices. In comparison, standard P51 pressure sensors were designed for 100 volts per meter EMI protection. Available in three electrical output options, devices are useful in cases where the unit must be subjected to moisture or high humidity. Device employs a cable over-mold, which molds the cable jacket to the top of the sensor to prevent moisture from entering the transducer where the cable exits the unit. 

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