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Power supplies endure harsh environments

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management environments harsh IIoT industrial power supplies

EMERSON SolaHD SDN-D power supplies generate less heat in cabinets, while ensuring maximum machine availability and minimal unplanned downtime over an extended lifecycle. The energy efficient units deliver acceptible performance in IIoT applications. Optimized to thrive in heavy-duty environments, products deliver high power efficiencies within an ultra-compact, slimline footprint. Available in 10 and 20 Amp models with 24Vdc single-phase output, the robust units support manufacturers requiring extensive hazardous location certifications, a wide operating temperature range, and quick drop-in compatibility to replace existing power supplies. Optional redundancy modules allow two SDN-D power supplies to power the same load, addressing the possible loss of a unit due to failure and eliminating any risk of downtime.

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