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PCIe card with VU13P UltraScale+ enhances optical I/O

August 14, 2020  Stephen Law

VADATECH PCI597 PCIe card with VU13P UltraScale+ and massive front panel optical I/O is via six board-mount optical assemblies, each providing 12 channel full-duplex transceivers with clock data recovery (when using 28G transceivers) and fiber I/O via MTP/MPO. Transceivers are available in two speed grades, 10.6Gb/s and 28.1Gb/s per channel, both with multi-rate capability. The 10.6Gb/s can drive 100m over OM3MM Fiber and 28.1Gb/s can drive 100m over the OM4MM Fiber. The high number of ports allows a single FPGA to be the central point for data aggregation with over 1,700Gb/s total bi-directional I/O. 

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