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Pcb stack-up tool is all-in-one simulation solution

March 1, 2021  Stephen Law

AVISHTECH Gauss Stack pcb stack-up design and simulation solution includes an extensive dielectric materials library that enables rapid specification and implementation of a complete stack-up design that includes both electromagnetic and thermo-mechanical simulations, fully integrated, with no additional user input of material data required. Product accurately predicts resin starvation and glass stop issues and provides board level thermo-mechanical properties including coefficients of thermal expansion in all directions—X, Y and Z axis (both above and below Tg). Product provides the ability to accurately model insertion loss by accounting for ground plane losses; the accurate prediction of resin starvation and glass stops that includes the effect of dielectric filler and conductor roughness; the ability to accurately simulate the pcb thermo-mechanical properties that are critical for reliability predictions; the further simulation, based on these board level thermo-mechanical properties, of plated though-hole reliability, microvia reliability and solder joint reliability; the ability to perform simulations for the impedance and frequency and roughness dependent losses associated with dielectric materials, for the full stack-up with one click; and the additional ability to perform synthesis to simulate line widths required to achieve a target impedance, again for the full stack-up with one click.

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