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Pcb coupler serves harsh environment applications

BEL Stewart Connector SealJack series IP67 rated RJ45 to RJ45 pcb coupler is suitable for harsh environment applications. Device utilizes a shielded right angle RJ45 SealJack, providing an IP67 rated connection when mounting to a box or panel, as well as a standard RJ45 shielded jack for connection inside the panel. solution brings a shielded Ethernet connection to the device panel by means of industry standard RJ45 patch cords on both sides of the coupler. Product’s design is robust, compact and able to achieve 1 and 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet transmission speeds and features optional use LEDs. TDevice delivers a compact IP67 solution without the need of a cap or cover when not in use, resulting in lower profile connectors on the panel exterior. 

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