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Outdoor mm-wave radio link delivers 10Gbps full-duplex Ethernet capacity

February 13, 2016  Stephen Law

ELVA-1 PPC-10G Series Outdoor Millimeter Wave Radio Link provides 10Gbps full-duplex Ethernet capacity in 1+0 radio. The ultra-high throughput link provides full-duplex data rates of up to 10Gbps in a single, zero-footprint, all-outdoor solution. Its maximum operating distance is up to 20km for links equipped with two-foot antennas. The link is intended for use in point-to-point applications such as 4G/LTE backhaul, corporate campus networks, IPTV and wireless ISP backbone. Product’s platform is based on state-of-the-art MMIC chips, which support QAM 256 (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) in digital data radio communications. QAM 256 modulation uses 8 bits per symbol. Product can withstand temperature variations between -50°C & +65°C and humidity up to 100%.  http://elva-1.com/products/a40106


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