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Optimized antenna is energy harvesting

Stephen Law   

Electronics Wireless antenna energy harvesting wireless

E-PEAS e-peas energy harvesting antenna is 10 times smaller than a standard off-the-shelf component, providing more space for customers’ designs. Device is suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications including building automation, smart metering, asset tracking and other logistics applications. Device can be used for any band and for any device form factor with a proper matching network design. Device makes it possible to harvest energy at all frequencies within the 0.4GHz to 10.6GHz range. Integrated alongside the AEM30940, AEM30330 or AEM30300 radio frequency ambient energy managers (AEMs) device has the ability to capture energy from a distance of up to 17 meters when using a 1W source and achieves an energy capturing range of 31 meters when using a 3W source. Energy can be captured from any direction, as the antenna is orientation independent.

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