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Optically clear epoxy is non-cytotoxic

May 4, 2021  Stephen Law

MASTER BOND EP30-4Med two part epoxy system has a fast set up time that cures at room temperature, or even more rapidly with a bit of heat. The low viscosity system meets the requirements of ISO 10993-5 testing and is therefore considered to be non-cytotoxic. Product can be used for bonding, sealing, and small encapsulation applications. It can also be utilized as a coating, especially when optical clarity is needed. Product is designed to not only resist EtO sterilization, but also to withstand most detergents, disinfectants, bleaches and liquid sterilants. It is recommended for applications in medical device manufacturing for both disposable and reusable instruments. Product has an easy to handle 2 to 1 mix ratio by weight and possesses a low viscosity of 1,000-3,000 cps for Part A and 20-100 cps for Part B. Mixing is effortless, especially with the use of a double barrel cartridge and static mixer. Epoxy has a refractive index of 1.55 and maintains good electrical insulation properties over time. Its volume resistivity is greater than 1015 ohm-cm. It forms strong bonds even in thin sections.

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