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Open-frame power supplies deliver ranges from 150 to 500W

Stephen Law   

Electronics Power Supply / Management open frame open frame power supply power supply

CLP open-frame power supply product family supports a range of output voltages. The new additions to the product line increase its output voltage options to up to 54 volts dc and its output power options to up to 550 watts. Units achieve this increase in output power while also remaining cognizant of the space limitations many designers face as they try to pack as much functionality as possibly onto their boards.

New Additions to the product family include:

  • CLP0212DC(36-75-volt DC input, 12-volt DC output, 200-watt output power);
  • CLP0248 PoE+(90-265-volt AC input, 54-volt DC output, 200-wattoutput power);
  • CLP0412(90-265-volt AC input, 12-volt DC output, 450-wattoutput power);
  • CLP0424(90-265-volt AC input, 24-or 28-volt DC outputs, 450-wattoutput power);
  • CLP0448PoE+(90-265-volt AC input, 48-or 54-volt DC outputs, 450-wattoutput power);
  • CLP0512(90-265-volt AC input, 12-volt DC output, 550-wattoutput power);
  • And the multiple-output, open-frame FLP line of power supplies.

Products combination of power performance and minimal footprint make them suitable for applications including (but not limited to) industrial equipment, telecommunications equipment, robotics, 3-D printers, and network routers and switches. 

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