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One component, graphite filled epoxy boosts thermal conductivity

Stephen Law   

Electronics Production / Materials materials production

MASTER BOND EP5G-80 one component, NASA low outgassing rated epoxy provides a moderate temperature cure requirement of 80°C for 4 hours. The graphite filled compound is not premixed and frozen and has an unlimited working life at room temperature. Product offers electrical conductivity with a volume resistivity of 5-15 ohm-cm and a thermal conductivity of 2.88-3.46 W/(m•K) at room temperature. For a conductive system, product provides a high Tg of around 130°-140°C, and a tensile modulus that exceeds 1,000,000 psi at room temperature. It is serviceable over the temperature range of -50°C to +175°C and has a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

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