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Non-proprietary solder paste analysis toolkit simplifies processes

HENKEL Non-proprietary solder paste analysis toolkit provides holistic solder paste process analysis, evaluating the many material properties – from print characteristics and stencil behavior to reflow performance and reliability. Test vehicle provides a turnkey solder evaluation tool, delivering pcb design, a complete bill of materials (BOM), full programming documentation, set-up and test methods and step-by-step directions for a designed experiment. Solder evaluation tool integrates area arrays down to 0.3 mm pitch, 0.4 mm pitch bottom terminated components (BTCs) and a variety of discretes from 1206s down to 008004s. The unpopulated side of the board offers a design to evaluate slump, spread, solder balling, SIR and print to fail (PTF). Balancing the 22 material properties to be tested along with BOM and labor costs, the pcb and test methods were intentionally engineered for efficiency, providing maximum data while minimizing the time investment.

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