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Next gen high performance IMU provides 3D acceleration

July 13, 2021  Stephen Law

ACEINNA OpenIMU335RI rugged inertial measurement unit (IMU) with CAN and RS232 interfaces delivers increased performance in key acceleration and gyro specifications. Device delivers best in class performance, including 1.3 degrees per hour bias instability (BI) and 0.1 degrees per root hour Angle Random Walk, making it suitable for 3DMG (3 Dimensional Machine Guidance), 3DMC (3 Dimensional Machine Control) and other applications requiring high performance inertial measurements. Device is triple redundant – consisting of three independent 3-Axis Accelerometers and 3-Axis Gyros – providing increased performance in key acceleration and rate sensor characteristics, and increased reliability and equipment uptime in the field. Device packaged in a rugged sealed housing with an Ampseal 16, 6 position connector.

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