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NEMA socket series comes with options

Stephen Law   

Interconnect Engineering sockets

INTERPOWER Complete series of NEMA 5-15, 5-20, 6-15 and 6-20 snap-in and screw-mount sockets are available with options that include QD and solder tabs with or without wire binding screws. Model 6-15 and 6-20 sockets completes firm’s nine series product line that includes both snap-in and screw-mount sockets with four different configurations available for each one. NEMA 5-15 socket is the only snap-in socket that has two different size face plates. The small face plate (8821 series) is 26.9 x 32mm in size and the large one (8822 series) is 37.27 x 31.99mm. The rest of the snap-in sockets utilize the large face plate size. http://www.interpower.com

Interpower NEMA-Socket-Series


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