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MOSFETs protect smartphone battery circuit modules

Stephen Law   

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MAGNACHIP SEMICONDUCTOR Two seventh-generation MXT Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFETs), built on its Super-Short Channel technology, for the battery protection circuit modules in smartphones. Device shortens the channel length between the source and the drain to significantly reduce RDS(on) and conduction losses during on-state operation. Firm is applying this technology first to the 12V MOSFET (MDWC12D028ERH) and 24V MOSFET (MDWC24D031ERH). This technology has reduced the sizes of the MOSFETs by 20%, while the RDS(on) of MDWC12D028ERH and MDWC24D031ERH is lowered by 40% and 24%, respectively, compared to the previous versions. Device features reduced power loss when a battery is charging or discharging and a low operating temperature can be maintained for fast battery charging.



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