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MOSFET solves voltage, leakage-current balancing of supercapacitors

Stephen Law   

Electronics Semiconductors MOSFETs semiconductors

ADVANCED LINEAR DEVICES ALD810030 Supercapacitor Auto Balancing (SAB) MOSFETs are built with production proven EPAD technology and are designed to address voltage and leakage-current balancing of supercapacitors connected in series. Supercapacitors or ultracapacitors, connected in series can be leakage-current balanced by using a combination of one or more devices connected across each supercapacitor stack to prevent overvoltage. The precision device provides a set of unique, precise operating voltage and current characteristics for each of the four matched SAB MOSFET channels, as shown in its Operating Electrical Characteristics table. It can be used to balance up to four supercapacitors connected in series. Device features a precision gate threshold voltage in the Vt mode, which is 3.00V when the gate-drain source terminals (VGS = VDS) are connected together at a drain-source current of IDS(ON) = 1A.

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