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Modular LXI Ethernet reed relay matrix modules are high-density

September 8, 2017  Stephen Law

PICKERING INTERFACES Model 65-22x LXI Matrix Reed Relay Modules provide access to all signal connections on 200 pin connectors. Product range includes four plug-in models covering matrices of up to 1,536×4 in increments of 128 (model 65-221), 768×8 in increments of 64 (model 65-223), 384×16 in increments of 32 (model 65-225), and 192×32 in increments of 32 (model 65-227). Users can specify as many or as few plug-in modules (up to six) required and can field upgrade the chassis to extend the matrix when necessary. More than 1,500 relays can be closed simultaneously for specific conditions for parametric testing.

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