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Modular inverter systems boost efficiency

July 28, 2020  Stephen Law

UNIPOWER Bravo ECI and TSI inverters provide users with a highly efficient and modular ac or dc power solution. Devices deliver a modular and fully scalable solution using hot-swap inverter modules at 2.5kVA 120Vac or 3kVA 230Vac. Both models are compact 2U (3.5 inch-high) rackmount inverters that can be configured with up to four 2.5kVA modules totaling 10kVA in a single 2U shelf. Units can be connected in parallel to increase the overall output of the inverter system and the hot-swappable modules can also be configured with N+1 redundancy. Devices provide extra ac input to ensure a high overall efficiency that results in a reduction of energy loss and heat dissipation. Products convert 48Vdc into a pure sine wave with an output of 120Vac or 230Vac. Outputs can be configured to deliver single-, dual- or three-phase ac power.

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