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Miniaturized piezo actuators delivers haptic feedback

TDK CORP. PowerHap piezo actuators provides haptic feedback with the new miniaturized 2.5G type, with dimensions of 9mm x 9mm x 1.25mm. At the maximum operating voltage of 60V the new actuator achieves an acceleration of 2.5g of a 100gram mass. Device provides a maximum displacement of 35µm or a large force of up to 4N. Miniature type complements the existing 7G and 15G PowerHap types. With their dimensions of 12.7mm x 12.7mm x 1.9mm and 26mm x 26mm x 2.4mm, respectively, devices achieve an acceleration of 7g and 15g under a load of 100 grams. They also generate forces of up to 10 N (7G type) and 20 N (15G type). Both types are designed for a maximum operating voltage of 120 V and offer a displacement of up to 65 µm and 200µm, respectively.

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