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Millimeter-wave, waveguide antennas addresses 5G needs

March 10, 2020  Stephen Law

PASTERNACK mmWave millimeter-wave, waveguide antennas address the growing number of 5G and other high-frequency applications. Product line now includes 54 new models and now covers broad operating frequency ranges from 1.7 to 220GHz, provides nominal gain ranging from 0dBi to 40dBi, and features a variety of different waveguide sizes. Five new categories of high frequency waveguide antennas are now available to address point-to-point and point-to-multi-point wireless applications, including probe waveguide antennas to 170GHz with 6.5dBi of gain, dual polarized waveguide antennas to 110GHz with 13-20dBi of gain, corner reflector antennas with .02m2-16,000m2 radar cross sections, sector waveguide antennas to 40GHz with 6dBi of gain, as well as a series of waveguide antenna mounting fixtures designed to work with UG383/U,UG385/U, UG387/U, UG595/U, UG599/U and UG1530/U flanges. 

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