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Microscopes extend magnification range

July 13, 2011  EP&T Magazine

EMX ENTERPRISES Luxo VIP series of Variable Inclination Position Microscopes provides an extended magnification range, 23mm optics system with a 186mm (7.32in.) working distance (with 0.5X lens, included) and ergonomically-designed adjustable eyepieces. Device provides adjustable angle of inclination, 0? – 30? from horizontal, allows for individualized adjustability so each technician can maintain a correct posture during use – neck straight, eyes forward. When viewed through the eyepieces using a 10X eyepiece and 0.5X lens (both included), the field of view range is 57.5 – 5.75. An enhanced 186mm working distance not only provides additional space for operator maneuverability, but also decreases the chance that products may become damaged during inspection.


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