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M12 connectors serve ac-dc applications

October 25, 2020  Stephen Law

BINDER USA 814 Series S-coded and T-coded connectors are suitable for applications such as supplying power to motors and drives. Both connectors come with the M12 interlock as standard and meet the DIN EN 610276-2-111 standard. Devices are intended for use in ac supplies up to 630Vac. Product series plugs have two and three gold-plated contacts and one pre-mating PE contact. In the two-phase or three-phase version, devices can transmit power up to 7.5kW. With an IP68 rated protection, these devices are suitable for applications such as ac motors and drives, motor load switches and frequency converters.

813 Series T-coded connectors are intended for dc voltages up to 63Vdc at 12A. Devices have four gold-plated contacts, suitable for fieldbus or Ethernet applications such as Profinet. Devices can also be used to supply dc motors/drives or other high energy-use components with power up to 750W. Rated protection: IP67. 

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