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Low-profile target discs save vertical space

June 19, 2020  Stephen Law

MILL-MAX four series of low profile SMT disc shaped terminals are suitable for applications where vertical space is at a premium. Product series includes 1593-X, 1618-X, 1625-X, 1656-X SMT discs, with diameters of .093″ (1,98 mm), .118” (3 mm), .125” (3.18 mm) and .156″ (3.964 mm) respectively. Each series is precision machined from brass and comes standard with a 10u” hard gold finish with a nickel under-plate and is available in four heights from .025″ (,64 mm) to .055″ (1,4 mm) in .010” (.254 mm) increments. Custom sizes are quickly and easily achievable via firm’s high-speed precision-machining processes. Other plating options, such as thicker gold or other materials, are also available. 

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