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Low profile, board to cable connectors meet M.2 form factor

LIGHTHORSE TECHNOLOGIES IPEX4L series low profile, board to cable connectors conform to industry standard and meet the M.2 form factor. The mated pair (IPX4LLF11GPB and IPX4SM66AL) have a mated height of 1.4mm when using 1.17mm low loss micro coax cable and a 1.2mm mated height with 0.81mm micro coax cable. With the added cable crimping surface area for these parts, devices provide increased cable retention force of 20N for 1.13/1.17LL cables and 10N for the 0.81mm cable. Devices can be terminated on cables with a multitude of standard RF connectors. Devices provide 12GHz performance, with a max VSWR of 1.45 at 6GHz and 1.6 at 12GHz.

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