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Low-power, MCU-based face recognition solution delivers touchless access control

November 6, 2020  Stephen Law

NXP SEMICONDUCTORS EdgeReady IoT solution for secure face recognition that enables OEMs to quickly and easily add vision-based touchless access control. Turnkey solution includes the i.MX RT106F crossover microcontroller (MCU) and license to AI/ML-based face recognition software, which makes possible face recognition with liveness checking using infrared and RGB cameras, flash and SDRAM memories. Solution can be used to implement face recognition for authenticating and operating secure machines, equipment, and access points for buildings. The combination of an infrared camera operating in unison with a visible light (RGB) camera helps distinguish a real person from a photograph to prevent unauthorized access without the need for an expensive 3D structured light or time-of-flight (ToF) camera. 

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